Suhner releases new, green INOX range for highly effective cleaning of stainless steel in marine environments

news1 SUHNER AUSTRALIA has released its new, ‘green’ based INOX range of cleaning agents for marine stainless steel. The INOX cleaning, protecting and polishing agents are made from plants, are free of harmful chemicals and very effective against even the most aggressive deposits of sea and salt contamination and dirt on stainless steel. The agents help provide long-lasting results and cut down on maintenance. The Suhner INOX range cleans stainless steel found in marine environments with ease and removes contamination embedded in metal pores as well as all kinds of rust. It also protects and polishes the steel. Fast-acting, the plant-based ingredients of all three agents work remarkably effectively, and can be used independently or collectively. The Sun Clean agent removes rust and deposits from bow rails, engine mounts, shackles, handles and other stainless steel gear found on boats. The deep cleaner is very powerful and quickly and easily removes dirt without damaging the oxide film on the metal. INOX Sun Protect is a mild agent that washes away all residues. It protects the stainless steel against corrosion and contamination by creating a barrier. It works by forming a protective film of nano particles to promote the exchange of oxygen needed to build an oxide layer. The regular use of the agent helps to eliminate corrosion in marine environments. The INOX Sun Polish cleans matt stainless steel surfaces. It brings the lustre back to metal quickly and easily. “We include the Suhner INOX cleaning range when we supply a boat and the results are impressive. Not only do the stainless steel components come up sparkling clean quickly because the agents work to protect against marine contaminants, maintenance is reduced and this saves us and our customers both time and money,” explained Mr Ross Macdonald, Purchasing Manager, Hart Marine. Suhner Australia also provides a range of the latest generation of portable battery tools for grinding and polishing stainless steel as well as aluminium on boats. The robust A-Series tools feature sophisticated battery technology to provide the user with maximum flexibility, power and capability to get the job done. For more information on the A-Series portable tools or the Suhner INOX range view the special offer at or call Suhner Australia on (02) 9648 5888.