Paul Jindra’s common sense approach to marine ventilation

news2 AS the founder of Jindra Energy Conversions, Paul Jindra presides over a company that has developed and manufactured a range of superb marine components, engineered and purpose built to endure the rigours of a life spent at sea.
This includes a range of fans, pumps, boat parts and accessories that have all gained a reputation for excellence due to their robust, corrosion resistant properties and durability in a testing marine environment. In fact his brushless high power marine fan was nominated for a DAME Award in 2004 by METS, the number one international design competition. However, Paul is particularly passionate about DC powered ventilation systems in preference to AC power and for good reason. As he says. “Let’s say you drive a Mercedes and you discover that the electricity used to run the lights, wipers and air conditioning is sourced from an extra AC generator stored in the boot. “As ridiculous as that sounds you may well have to deal with that situation when you buy a new boat. Yet your boat has a marine engine that powers a DC alternator and a battery system much like the Mercedes which of course doesn’t need an extra AC generator, and likewise, your boat is capable of supplying all your shipboard power needs.” Paul continues to explain how shipboard AC generators are not only expensive to install and inefficient but can be hazardous in a marine environment with operating voltages such as 115, 240 or 440 volts. Galvanic corrosion can also be a problem due to the need to earth the AC wiring to Earth. Unlike AC fans, the wiring in Paul’s DC fans is floating above ground and if it’s earthed with the negative pole of the DC system, the equipment will handle both installations. Paul’s DC fans do not corrode and operate at variable and much higher speeds. Paul Jindra is passionate about improving on-board performance and efficiency within the marine sector and continues to expand his horizons in international waters with his products now in demand in Italy and Holland as well as other countries around the globe. For more information about Jindra Energy Conversions and its wide range of high quality marine products call Paul on (03) 8872 6555 or visit;