Engine Room Ventilation Fans, Marine Pumps and Combi system supplied to 55′ Commercial Fishing Vessel

Project Video 1

Paul Jindra talks to Frangrove Pty Ltd director, Theo Engel about the restoration of his 55′ commercial fishing vessel (displacement 65t) and using JEC Marine’s engine room ventilation fans, marine pumps, and combi system.

Project Video 2

JEC Marine’s Paul Jindra outlines various components which compliment the engine room’s innovative space saving design.

Project Video 3

Paul and Theo discuss distribution boards, desalination,
cooling systems, engine room ventilation solutions and
JEC Marine’s innovative Marine Combi system..

Project Video 4

Paul and Theo discuss steering systems, bilge pumps,
engine cooling and the innovative desalination system
supplied by JEC Marine.