JEC Combi Components

Compare the number of components in a JEC Combi to the number of components in a comparable conventional system.

Conventional System JEC Combi
3 mounted platforms, each containing 1 motor and 1 compressor 1 mounted platform containing 1 motor and 2 compressors (plus an additional engine-mounted compressor)
3 condensers 3 condensers
4 large AC pumps 2 small DC pumps
5-8 circuit breakers (1 for each system, and 1-4 for each AC evaporator) 2 circuit breakers (1 x AC, 1 x DC and none for a DC evaporator)
3 temperature sensor monitors 1 temperature sensor monitor
4 isolating switches 1 isolating switch
4 display/controller units 1 display/controller unit
4 lots of individual wiring 1 lot of integrated wiring
4 lots of individual plumbing 1 lot of integrated plumbing