PTO’s have been used in the agriculture and industrial application for some 100+ years.

When it comes to marine application the use of PTOs is not as common as in above mentioned fields.

Sometimes you can see one with the odd hydraulic pump and that’s about it.

Today’s modern marine engines are equipped with a PTO mounted on the side of the engine or alternatively can be ordered as an option with the gearbox. The most effective way to get the PTO option with the engine is at the time the price is being negotiated prior to purchasing the engine. Any salesman is keen to get the order – rather than his competitor. Once this is achieved the customer can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs in custom made bracket tension pulleys.

JEC has developed a range of PTO compressors using the by directional compressor UNICLA that comes with a number of different sizes see PDF files (to be) enclosed. UNICLA’s website:

Our standard PTO SAE B2/4 will fit in most applications and we are continuously developing additional sizes to fit most common applications and industry standards.