Part 2 of the Margaret Pearl COMBI VII Installation – no ancillary generator on board.

By Paul Jindra – Director JEC Marine.

Around 4 years ago I received a call to come to Queensciff in order to provide a solution to this 17m vessel that was under reconstruction.

The Brief was as follows:

  1. Two Large refrigeration and fridge eutectic boxes with rapid freezing capability.
  2. 4 Air condition evaporators working from one condenser.
  3. 180I/h desalination system
  4. High-pressure Deck wash.
  5. The power sources: AC single phase 15A max shore power only.
  6. Hydraulic power from a propulsion engine is available only under steam.
  7. PTO output for ancillary compressor from a power splitter mounted on the engine.
  8. No ancillary generator.

Our recommendation:- The JEC COMBI VII system!

My first concern was to find a suitable place for the COMBI system considering the number of additional components that will fill the entire engine room. I was very sceptical about the project knowing how long it will take and with my decades of experience in the industry (70% finished and 80% to go) I started to wonder if JEC should be involved. After meeting with James (crew calls him Jim) Woods I was convinced of his determination to finish this project. So I jumped on board.

I had requested to see the Yanmar Engine in order to see how our engine-driven PTO compressor would fit. It was a beast, somewhat oversized and it was clear to me that the installation would be very tight. Nevertheless, I settled on the STB side, where the blue straps and the knot hit the border of the picture.

As soon as the specifications were agreed upon JEC started the production of the COMBI VII

As they say “a picture paints a thousand words!

Base Plate with Draining tubes that collects all the condensation and stops water dripping all over the vessel. Along with Anti – Vibration mounting feet.

Every component on the COMBI VII is made out of 5083 Marine grade Aluminium hard anodised and sealed with dichromate, thus eliminating corrosion for decades.

400VDC 5 kW brush-less motor 2500rpm 100% duty cycle. Powering the COMBI from single phase 220VAC via a PFC booster. Standard Protection on all parts SS 316 shaft with SS bearing.

Front Frame with all the compressors, pump and pulleys are mounted.

The front plate is mounted with the motor and the suction accumulators are placed in position sitting on insulation saddles for better drainage or condensation. Note the drainage groves with collecting outlets the vessel moves in all directions. The holes will collect the drainage in 4 corners of the base plate.

The Combi has 3 complete condensers but only 2 compressors in this assembly as the 3rd compressor is mounted via PTO directly on the engine. The blue part in the middle is the hydraulic motor and the light blue bottom left is the high-pressure CAT pump for desalination and deck wash.

The white vessel is a water-cooled condenser liquid accumulator connected to the Gray manifold that distributes the raw water to 3 vessels White, Yellow, and Green for better identification.

The small vertical cylinders transport oil separators continuously feeding oil to the compressors under the vessel’s movements in the sea.

To view the full COMBI VII product specification click here

Thanks for joining us for part 2 of the Margaret Pearl COMBI VII installation story – If you have any questions or are interested in getting in touch, dont hesitate and reach out via our contact form below