No Room Onboard for Your Rum and Coke?

When your plant room is running a conventional fridge, freezer, air conditioning and desalination set up, there’s little remaining space for essentials like food, drinks and fishing gear.

Do you really need to duplicate components – like compressors, motors, pumps, wiring, plumbing, etc. – for each unit?

What if you could run fewer components AND increase the performance of all your systems?

You can with the JEC Combi.


Space savings gained in confined engine room and simultaneously counterbalancing the weight of the genset.

The JEC Combi uses only the following components:

  • 1 mounted platform containing 1 motor and 2 compressors (plus an additional engine-mounted compressor)
  • 3 condensers
  • 2 small DC pumps
  • 2 circuit breakers (1 x AC, 1 x DC and none for a DC evaporators)
  • 1 temperature sensor monitor
  • 1 isolating switch
  • 1 display/controller unit
  • 1 lot of integrated wiring
  • 1 lot of integrated plumbing

Compare conventional components with JEC Combi components

You can have all of this equipment in your engine room instead of your plant room! You’ll counter-balance the Genset at the same time and still have room to move.

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“Running the system off the engine there is no need to run the generator for refrigeration. This first season I only ran the generator about a third of the time I would normally have, making significant savings in fuel.”

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