Magic Junction Box


Transform your JEC fans and pumps to suit a wider range of needs.

The adjustment of control electronics for all our brushless motors (e.g. for the option of fixed speed) is internal and pre-adjusted during production.  For this reason, we’ve added a remote control, which extends the control of the motor outside of the electronic box.This works for most applications, however JEC Marine also offers a solution for customers requiring enhanced functionality.

We call it the Magic Junction Box.

Machined out of solid marine aluminium billet, fully marinised and manufactured to the same high standard as all other JEC Marine components, our Magic Junction Box extends the capabilities of the internal motor electronics to the outside of your JEC Marine fan or pump enabling you to adapt your current brushless JEC fan or pump to suit a wider range of conditions.

Switch from fixed to variable speed With the Magic Junction Box, you can now easily change the speed of your JEC fan or pump from the standard fixed to variable speed.This is achieved by adjusting the fixed speed adjustment inside the junction box which is securely covered with an IP67 blocking screw with O-Ring.  Simply open the box, follow the instructions for the links on the terminal and plug in a remote-control potentiometer.

Optimise your ventilation fan’s idling speed In addition, by simply changing the links and connecting a temperature sensor, the Magic Junction Box will optimise your ventilation fan’s idling speed which “magically” adapts to changes in your boat’s engine room temperature.

Optional external fan speed- and pump volume controls Achieve further change of linkage by removing the temperature- or speed control options and use a plug with cable (sold separately by JEC Marine) to:
For fans:  Feed in 0-10VDC (Voltage Direct Current) or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to externally control the speed of the fan.   
For Pumps:  Regulate the volume flow of circulating pumps where a control circuit monitors a particular flow and you want to keep it at a certain level to achieve a stable temperature control in the cooling circuit.  This monitoring equipment then outputs 0-10VDC or PWM (Industry Standards) and thus modulates the volume of the circulation in accordance with the control unit.







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