High Pressure Deck Wash

High Pressure DC Marine Deck Wash System
JEC Marine has developed a high pressure cleaner that is not just an adaptation of onshore models. The marine environment needs seawater corrosion resistance and DC operation for convenience and safety.

Ideal for fixed installation onboard the JEC High Pressure Pump, it has been developed specifically for the marine environment. A deck fitting allows easy attachment of a flexible hose combined with a handy high pressure cleaning gun, making it ideal for deck and hull washing. Hose lengths of 10, 15 or 20 metres are available.

  • Length: 500mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 210mm
Key Features
  • Our brushless DC motor, maximum power 2kW, will be located out of sight, inside your vessel’s engine room and will be operated from your battery bank – or if on shore, through your battery charger.
  • You don’t have to have your AC generator running, as the pump will work from the battery bank, from your idling propulsion engines / alternators and/or, when at shore, from the battery charger.
  • The control panel, which sits inside the vessel will have a small multiturn potentiometer, and will adjust the desired pressure that you require to do the job. Some parts of the boat will need higher pressures than on others.
  • The pre-set speed will determine the pressure and once you have connected your high-pressure hose into the receptacle and press the button, the pump will be activated initially by pre-set delay (soft start), so you have time to set your hoses. When you turn off the high pressure gun by releasing the handle, the dump valve will turn the circulation pressure from the inlet to the outlet and your gun spray will stop.
  • The motor and the Cat Pump is designed for Marine usage and it will withstand a long-time corrosive environment. All our windings, stators, rotors and magnets are potted with heat conductive epoxy and our motor is equipped with SS bearings and the mating shaft from the motor together with the hollow shaft of the pump are made of SS316.
  • Non marking hose
  • Stainless steel cleaning gun

JEC brushless 1200 watt motor 24 - 28 volts DC at 50 amps


Manufactured by world leading Cat Pumps

8.5 l/min. at 140 Bar (1.9 gal/min at 2000 psi)

Power Supply:
  • Voltage: DC 24V nominal (28V DC operating)
  • Current: 60A
  • Duty Cycle 40%
  • Size: shipping Measurement: 31cm x 60cm x 30cm
  • Weight: Shipping Weight 16.5kg
  • Pressure adjustment: up to 100bars pending the size of nozzle on pressure gun

Pressure can be adjusted by simply turning the pressure orifice screw, whilst taking reading of pressure gauge on deck wash unit itself.

The pump cannot be connected directly to the vessel’s water tank, as it requires priming. The priming is sufficient from the vessel’s main water supply by pump.

Mounting: Is arranged via four independently adjustable feet.

A drawing displaying the measurements of the unit itself will be supplied.

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